Author: Adam Abbott

  • Request Rule Routing in Blue Mountain RAM

    Blue Mountain RAM features seven Request Record types for custom use within your facility. Each of these requests include fields and workflows that allow them to be as versatile as needed. However, the limit of seven Request Record types may not always sufficient in meeting your requirements. How can this be alleviated? Rule Routing in […]

  • Blue Mountain RAM Requests

    With the FDA’s current standards, you must track everything you possibly can about Assets. You have to be able to justify the need for an unscheduled calibration, an emergency repair or even the retiring/decommissioning of an asset; yet it can be hard to trace these activities from their origin. Paper processes may not be enough […]

  • Work Plan Templates in Blue Mountain RAM

    In the effort to help our customers go paperless, Blue Mountain RAM’s Work Plan Template (WPT) feature is designed to allow users to mimic SOP instructions for preventative maintenance (PM) and other procedures followed during execution of validation and calibration work. Features of Blue Mountain RAM’s WPTs: As a process controlled record, users can include […]

  • Blue Mountain RAM System Performance Tips

    Blue Mountain RAM is a fast and efficient software solution, however, sometimes implementations are hindered by the performance of servers and sizes of databases. There are five areas where customers can improve their performance of Blue Mountain RAM: Hardware Specifications Blue Mountain RAM version SQL Server Version SQL Reporting Blue Mountain RAM Database Optimization Hardware Specifications Some […]