Author: Diana Anderson

  • Uploading and Downloading Files In Blue Mountain RAM

    Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager (Blue Mountain RAM) has an optional feature known as the Embedded Document Module (EDM). This feature provides users with the ability to upload and download document and image files within Blue Mountain RAM, such as: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Work Certificates Equipment, Systems, and Parts Images Personnel Images Etc. To […]

  • How To Suppress Audit Reason Collection

    Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager (Blue Mountain RAM) continuously audits what users do in the system. This auditing cannot be turned off, however, there is an optional rule setting that turns off the prompt for users to “Please enter a reason for this record edit.” This setting is identified as “Suppress Audit Reason Collection” in […]

  • How To Add Blue Mountain RAM Report Records

    You may know that you can run reports from within Blue Mountain RAM, but do you know how to create the Blue Mountain RAM Report Records that make this happen? Blue Mountain RAM makes reports available through Report Records. A Report Record holds the information needed to locate and run a specific report, as well […]

  • How To Add On Demand Work Based On An Asset’s Event

    You may know that Blue Mountain RAM can create special work records to document unscheduled and/or unplanned work activities, and that these special work records are called “On Demand” work records. However, did you know that starting with Blue Mountain RAM version R3 SR5, On Demand Event-Based work records can be created? On Demand Event-Based […]

  • How To Print Work Plan Template Steps

    A common question Blue Mountain’s Technical Support is asked is, “Can I print my Work Plan Template steps?” The answer is yes. Did you know that Blue Mountain RAM queries can be exported to Microsoft Excel, formatted for appearance, and then printed? This is one example of how you can print your Work Plan Template […]

  • How To Keep Blue Mountain RAM Notification Emails Flowing Smoothly

    Blue Mountain RAM sends notification emails full of information. Examples include: Your request REQ-000089 has been approved The Asset Owner of Widget123 has changed from X to Y Calibration work CAL-004123-2018 needs a review signature The following schedules are coming due (list) A new asset has been generated: Equip-0001237 Recently, we received a call to […]

  • How To Ensure Work Plan Completion on Work Orders

    One question that often comes into Blue Mountain RAM Technical Support is: “Our Reviewers spend a lot of time sending work orders back for work plan completion. How can I ensure that the work plans we include with a work order are always completed before the work order is sent to the REVIEW status?” Sometimes the […]

  • The Power of Query Designer Columns

    Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager’s (Blue Mountain RAM) tool for creating queries is the Query Designer. The Query Designer organizes design activities across 4 tabs: Columns Headers, Criteria, Sorting, and Flags. In this blog, I will highlight the powers of the Query Designer’s Columns Headers tab: Column width and reduction of side-to-side scrolling Column aliases […]

  • How to Give a User Access to a Second Site

    If you have a Multisite license of Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager (Blue Mountain RAM), you likely have – or will soon have – multiple sites in your system. Additionally, you may need to give a user of one site, access to another site. In this blog, I will review the steps for how to […]

  • How to Designate, Control, and Track Standards

    Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager (Blue Mountain RAM) can: Accept the designation of certain equipment to act as calibration Standards Monitor condition as Overdue (for calibration) or Failed (most recent calibration) Offer appropriate Standards for assets under calibration, by presenting Standards of the same Standard Class as listed on the asset (“Standard Class” is a […]