Author: Keith Kyle

  • Are Your Investigations Timely? – Inquiring Minds (Auditors) Want to Know

    Introduction It has been a while since my last blog entry given the busy year we’ve had here at Blue Mountain.  So, I decided that the best way to kick-start my blog entries was to focus on a topic that I most enjoy writing about.  That is, how technology can be applied to improve business […]

  • Benefits of Customer Visits

    In this day and age, a vendor’s interactions with customers occur mostly via phone, email and internet. Technologies such as web conferencing allow us to effectively communicate product and service information to customers like never before. Despite these technologies, there is still tremendous benefit from in-person visits. This is why we regularly schedule customer visits throughout the year.

  • Off the Labeled Path

    Configurability has been a hallmark of Blue Mountain’s software over the years. With the introduction of Calman 4 in 2002, we expanded the set of User Defined Fields (a.k.a. UDF) available to users and introduced the ability to partition Equipment within a single database by Datasets. Both of these enhancements provided flexibility to multi-site implementations and allowed those who wished to creatively utilize the system to maximize their ROI, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance.