Author: Kurt Kyle

  • Blue Mountain RAM Database: How to Optimize

    Furthering our knowledge of the Blue Mountain RAM Database, from the reasons for database growth to the optimization of general performance and facilitation of performance analysis, this second blog in our ‘Optimizing Blue Mountain RAM Database’ series will cover the necessary steps needed to optimize your database. Let’s begin by reviewing the maintenance procedures needed […]

  • Blue Mountain RAM Database: The Importance of Optimization

    The Blue Mountain RAM application records nearly every transaction that flows through the database layer in a table known as the “Transaction Log Table.” As system usage occurs over time, the data stored in this table becomes stale and can unnecessarily bloat the size of the database. In this blog series, we will uncover the […]

  • How To Manage the Blue Mountain RAM and Document Databases

    Managing the Blue Mountain RAM and Document Databases The backups of the Blue Mountain RAM database and the associated Document database should be managed in tandem for the remainder of their lifespan after implementation as these databases work contingently upon one another. Neglecting to maintain and restore these backups in tandem can potentially result in […]