Building Queries In Blue Mountain RAM, Part 1

I’d Like My Data, Sunny-Side Up

You like to see your data, your way, right? Sunny-side up, Over easy, and- well, let’s skip Scrambled, shall we? Building a query is a powerful way of seeing your data, and seeing what data you want is like ordering a meal. For example, the “Database Bistro” can serve several tasty Scheduling Dishes -you just have to place an order (build a query):

  • Schedules, Calibrations, April 1st to April 30th Due Date, sorted by Assigned Person then Due Date.
  • Schedules, Maintenance, Due Date earlier than today, sorted by Assigned Person then Due Date.
  • Schedules, Personnel Events, Annual Training Event, April 12th Due Date, sorted by Personnel Name.

Yes, Sunny-Side Up, Please

How do I place an order at the Database Bistro? You talk to your Database Bistro Server, also known as Blue Mountain RAM’s Query Designer. In Query Designer, you list your data wishes on a series of tabs:

  • Column Headers Tab:  Select any number of fields (columns) you wish to include in the results.
  • Criteria Tab:  Add criteria statements that filter for the records you want. Flags, Macros, and Grouping can be utilized in conjunction with criteria statements.
  • Sorting Tab:  Select the field(s) controlling sort order, from fields you listed on the Column Headers Tab.
  • Flags Tab:  Choose whether to display various visual indicators (flags) of record condition or status.

Is This What I Ordered? (Testing the query)

A good way to test your new query design is to identify a record in your data that meets the tightest criteria of your query, and then verify that the query results include that record. Query Designer provides a “Preview Query” button on its toolbar that is enabled when the current query design is saved. Click to see a page of results from your current design. Use the “Queries” feature to see a full view of your saved query design.

Sharing Your Data Dinner (or not)

By default, a query is not shared. You can decide if you will share it, with whom, and to what extent. Choose “Make Shared Query” (to share) and “Set Security Rights” (to say, who with) in Query Designer’s “Actions” Menu. Users and Groups can be assigned any combination of the following rights in relation to a query design: Execute Query, Lock Query, Unlock Query, Maintain Query, and Maintain Security.

THE QUERY DESIGN FEATURE OF BLUE MOUNTAIN RAM IS ACCESSIBLE BY: logging into Blue Mountain RAM, opening the “Go To” menu, and selecting “Query Design”. Query designs are organized by the record type of the records they return. For example, to find query designs that return lists of maintenance work records, look under Work, Maintenance Work Queries. The “Add Similar” command is available in the right-click menu of existing designs. This saves time when a new title builds upon an existing title. Users must be granted query building and sharing rights by their Blue Mountain RAM Administrator. Rights are granted on a record type by record type basis so that user access to data can be finely controlled.


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