Date Filtering in Blue Mountain RAM

Did you know that… You can build queries that return records that fall within a date range that you specify? Perhaps you would like to see all asset event schedules that come due within the month of January 2012?

Add the following two (2) criteria statements to your Blue Mountain RAM Query Design, to filter the ‘Due Date’ field on Asset Event Schedule Records. These two criteria statements specify the start and end dates of the desired date range.

Due Date Greater Than or Equal To ’01/01/2012′

Due Date Less Than or Equal To ’01/31/2012′

Here is how to enter these same two criteria statements in the Query Designer’s Add Criteria Window. The first criteria statement supplies the start date of the date range, and the second criteria statement supplies the end date of the date range: 

Record Type: Asset Schedules                                                                 Record Type: Asset Schedules

Field: Due Date                                                                                             Field: Due Date

Field Id: Internal ID of field                                                                          Field Id: Internal ID of field

Value Type: Normal                                                                                     Value Type: Normal

Function: Greater Than or Equal To                                                         Function: Less Than or Equal To

Value: 01/01/2012                                                                                        Value: 01/31/2012

To filter for records that fall within a date range based upon a different date field, such as work’s ‘Actual End Date’ field, or asset’s ‘Acquisition Date’, use the same criteria statements, but refer to the different date field.

For further information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM manuals. If necessary, contact us for downloads of PDFs of the manuals. Consider attending a Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager Training to learn about this subject as well as many, many more! Visit to learn more about training and schedules.


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