Go To Your Nearest Parts Inventory

Sounds easy, but it often isn’t. Think of the times you’ve arrived at a Part Store only to be disappointed with the words, “Sorry, they’re all gone.” or “I can give you two of them.” or “I have the widgets but not the sprockets.” So off you go to the other Part Store two buildings down, or back to your office to investigate getting those out-of-stock parts “yesterday” and placing an order pronto.

Make Life Easier: Good Information- Part Stores, Quantities, Authorized Substitutions

Blue Mountain RAM (Regulatory Asset Manager) software can “talk” about meaningful Parts topics: what Part Stores have what parts, how many in each, what’s a good quantity to trigger a reorder, and what are authorized substitutions (and thank you, how many of those are on hand?). Here are some of the meaningful “conversations” you can have with Blue Mountain RAM:

  • You’ll find 15 A-11’s in Parts Store A, and 12 in Parts Store B
  • A-11’s have reached their reorder point of 12 in Parts Store B. Please reorder
  • Part A-12 is an authorized like-for-like substitution for A-11 and there are 16 A-12’s in Parts Store B

Easier Still: Parts Kits

Hey, it’s great to know what’s in stock, where to find it, and what the authorized substitutions are, but even better… Parts Kits. Some asset services consume the same parts over and over, every time. Blue Mountain RAM enables people to view the part lists of upcoming jobs and assemble Parts Kits either ahead of time or upon presentation of a work order number. Imagine:

  • Knock on the Part Store door
  • Provide a work order number
  • Receive the correct Parts Kit

Upcoming Inventory and Spare Part System Web Demo – May 17

Please sign up and then join us for a free Blue Mountain RAM R3 Spare Parts/Management Web Demo on May 17, 2012 at 2p EDT / 11a PDT.

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