How To Assign Picklist Admins

Do you know… you can assign Picklist Admins?

Enter records in Blue Mountain RAM and you will see a number of fields with picklists offering choices. Some fields require selection of an offered choice, while other fields allow selection of offered choices or entry of one’s own information.

For fields that require selection from their picklist, it may be occasionally necessary to update their picklists. For example, the manufacturers or equipment types you use may change.

For fields that allow entry of what will become new picklist selections, occasionally typos or duplications show up among the picklist selections. For example: Acme, Acme Co, Acme Company, and maybe Acmay or Akme.

Blue Mountain RAM’s Picklist grants a group of appropriate users the Application Picklist Maintenance right. This group will be able to update picklist content directly, quickly, and easily right from the fields whose picklists need an update.

The following steps will help you assign Picklist Admins:

  • Add a new Blue Mountain RAM group, “Picklist Admins”
  • Add appropriate members and activate the new group
  • Assign the Application Picklist Maintenance right to the group
  • Show your Picklist Admins how to perform updates and changes
  1. Add a new Blue Mountain RAM group, “Picklist Admins”

a. Go to Sites > YourSite > Security, and highlight Groups

b. Click the Group List Toolbar’s Add Button to launch the Add New Item Wizard. Enter a group name of “Picklist Admins” and description of “Membership in this group grants the right to edit picklist content.” Click NEXT


c. On the REVIEW SETTINGS panel, choose “Open the newly created record” and click FINISH. The new group record opens.

  1. Add appropriate members and activate the new group
    1. On the “Members” Tab, click the Add Button and add appropriate members
    2. Check the “Active” checkbox
    3. Save and close the new group record


  1. Assign the Application Picklist Maintenance right to the group
    1. Go to Sites > YourSite > Security, and highlight Rights
    2. Ensure that “Group Rights” is selected above the table display
    3. Double-click the “Picklist Admins” group to open its Rights Edit Window
    4. Click the “Application” tab and scroll down to the “Picklists” section
    5. Assign the right, Application Picklist Maintenance
    6. Save your changes and close the “Rights Edit (Pick List Admins)” window
    7. All members of this group will now be able to edit field picklists on all record types to which they have access and edit rights.


NOTE: Field picklists containing Personnel Display Names or Record IDs are not edited in this manner. See the Blue Mountain RAM Administrators Manual for further information.

  1. Share with your Picklist Admins

a. Click the field’s More Button May5 (this example uses the Manufacturer field)


b. The field’s Item Selection Window, which allows you to search the field picklist’s content, opens. Users who are in the Picklist Admins group will be able to see a Picklist Maintenance Button May7 .


c. Click the Picklist Maintenance Button to open the Picklist Configuration Window. This is a special view that provides picklist content editing (bottom half of window). To utilize the other controls in the window, go to Blue Mountain RAM System Configuration (Sites > YourSite > Picklists).


d. Use the List Item Maintenance Toolbar to (in this order) Add, Edit, Remove, and Rearrange list items. When you are done, save the changes to the Picklist Configuration Window and close it. If you refresh the record, the field picklist’s changes will be present.


  • Changes to a picklist only affect the picklist
  • Deleting or editing picklist items does not alter data on records

For further information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM manuals. If necessary, contact us for downloads of PDFs of the manuals. Also, please enjoy calling and speaking with your Regional Sales Manager at 800-982-2388 if you have questions or are interested in Blue Mountain RAM training.

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