How To Assign Shared Events to Multiple Assets

Do you know… Blue Mountain RAM can now assign a Shared Event to multiple assets with just a few clicks? And you can set up their schedules singly or in groups?

Sure it’s been great to make shared events that you can use over and over, but haven’t you wished there were a faster way to put that shared event on all the assets that will use it? Now there is… with just a few clicks you can select a set of assets, and then with one more click, attach that shared event to every asset you selected. We’ve even made it easy to set up the schedules for these lucky assets! Here is how:

1. Open the Shared Event to which you wish to assign multiple assets.

2. Open the Shared Event’s View Menu and select “Show Assets Using” to open the “Assets Using” window.


3. In the Assets Using window, click INSERT to open the Record Selection Window

4. The Record Selection Window displays assets. Assets already using the shared event are grayed-out.

5. Quick Find and Choose Query are available to help you find and select the assets to which you wish to assign the shared event.


NOTE: Because this is a special function and not a batch update, the assign to assets action is not logged in the Batch Update Log. Care should be taken to select the correct assets as there is no “undo” function.

6. Click DONE and each selected asset receives its own copy of the shared event.


7. At this point, the newly attached events require scheduling. That is easy too!

8. A “Batch Update (Schedules) For Newly Added Assets” button is available in case you are adding a set of assets that will follow the same schedule. User needs Batch Update Rights to utilize   Batch Update functionality.

9. What if the assets need different schedules? No problem. Click OK and work with the Assets Using window.


10. The right-click menu of any one or more items offers all you need: View Schedule, Edit Schedule, or Batch Update (Schedules). You can pick and apply as suits you!


For further information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM Users Manual. If necessary, please contact our friendly Support Technicians at for downloads of PDFs of the manuals. Also, please enjoy calling and speaking with your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) at 800-982-2388 if you are interested in Blue Mountain RAM training.


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