How To Create Emails with Links to Records

Blue Mountain RAM offers a feature that constructs email messages containing shortcut links to one or more records. This is called the SHORTCUT feature.

How Administrators Enable the Shortcut Feature in System Configuration:

1. Highlight system scope “Settings” and double-click “System Options”.

2. The Scope Options (System) Window opens. Enter the “Application URL”. For example, if your Blue Mountain RAM URL is  http://Example/ram/, your Application URL is  http://Example/.

3.  NOTE: Each site offers a System URL Override setting. It is only necessary to configure this setting if you are a multisite Blue Mountain RAM installation and must accommodate a child site that requires a more complex path to reach the same Application Server

  • Switch to the site that requires the more complex path to reach the same Application Server
  • Expand Sites >SiteName and highlight “Settings”.  Double-click “Site Options” to open the “Scope Options (YourSiteName)” Window.
  • Scroll o the “Miscellaneous” section and enter the child site’s path to reach the same Application Server, in “Site URL (System URL Override)”.

Example:  System URL is http://Example/, with the “Example” server being in the USA. A child site in Milan, Italy, must use a different path/URL to reach Example. Enter that different path/URL here: http://EU.Example/

Look out for our next tip on the Shortcut feature:
Part 2: How Users Utilize the Shortcut Feature.

Or for more information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM manuals. If necessary, contact us with questions or for downloads of the manual PDFs at 814-234-2417.

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