How To Display Flags in Blue Mountain RAM

Do you know…Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager can display a variety of flags next to the records listed in query table views, to give you key information related to those records, at a glance. For example, you can highlight work that needs E-signatures or has failed.

Enable The Display Of Flags…

1. Logon Blue Mountain RAM

2. Open the Go To Menu and select “Query Design”

3. In the left panel, expand the branch of the record type displayed in the query title you wish to affect (in the example below, it is “Work”)

4. Highlight the specific record type to see query titles of that record type (in the example below, it is “All Work”)

5. The right panel displays the query designs you created and the query designs to which you have been assigned rights

6. Double-click the query design you wish to affect (in this example, “All Work”)

7. Click on the Flags Tab and enable the Flags you wish the query to display

8. Click the SAVE button (highlighted in graphic) to retain your changes

NOTE: The graphic shows all Flags available to the ALL WORK record type query design. Each record type offers its own set of flags. The flags will be applicable to conditions and characteristics that the particular record type might possess.

For further information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM manuals. If necessary, contact us for downloads of PDFs of the manuals. Also, please enjoy calling and speaking with your Regional Sales Manager at 814-234-2417.

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