How To Fix Duplicate Personnel Record Issues

Did you ever… look in a pick list of Asset Owners, Technicians, Supervisors, etc. and see the same person listed twice?

How about when you are trying to add someone to a Group? Or select a Notification recipient?

The good news is that you are not seeing double! The bad news is that there are 2 Personnel Records for the same person – which can cause issues. A few types of issues that may occur from duplicate Personnel Records include:

  • The person listed in a field of a record should be able to sign the record, but cannot
  • The person you add to a group, cannot do what the group can do
  • The person you assign to receive a Notification, never receives the Notification

When Blue Mountain RAM offers a list of names, the list is comprised of Display Names noted on Personnel Records. If you see the same person more than once – whether there is any slight variations in their Display Name or the Display Name is identical – you can be sure there is more than one Personnel Record for the person!

Next, a User Login Record is required for a user to log-in. When the User Login Record is made, it is “told” WHO it represents by associating it with a specific Personnel Record and only rights or actions assigned to the associated Personnel Record will work for the logged-in person. For example, if you want a person logging into Blue Mountain RAM to sign a record, you need to give the signing right to the Personnel Record connected to the User Login Record, or the person will not be able to sign. If there is more than one choice, it becomes possible to give the right to the wrong Personnel Record. You can extend this risk to all places in Blue Mountain RAM where you select a person.

How do you rid your system of this risk? It is best to avoid the issue by checking if a Personnel Record exists before adding one. However, if you are doing housekeeping:

  1. Identify duplicate Personnel Records by searching your ‘All Personnel’ list in Active Records, Deleted Records and Archived Record views.


  1. For each set of duplicates, identify which Personnel Record is associated with the User Login Record. The unique field of a Personnel Record is Pers ID. The Pers ID of the associated Personnel Record is listed on the top right corner of the User Login Record:

17-1-5 17-1-6

  1. Edit ‘bad’ duplicates to make them obvious (edit Display Name ‘Bob Jones’ into ‘Duplicate Bob Jones’)
  1. Investigate all Groups. If one lists a member, ‘Duplicate Bob Jones’ you will know to remove that member and add the correct member.
  1. If Notifications, Scope Security, Rule Security, WorkSpaces, and Query Security all only list Groups, the issue is fixed by correcting Group memberships. If any of these locations list individuals, you will need to check them for listings of ‘Duplicate Bob Jones’ and make corrections (this is an example of why only Groups should be listed for security settings).

For further information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM User and Administrator Manuals. If necessary, please contact our friendly Support Technicians at with questions. Also, please enjoy calling and speaking with your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) at 800-982-2388 if you are interested in Blue Mountain RAM training.

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