How To Generate Reports from Records

Do you know…  Blue Mountain RAM offers reports right from each Record?

When you open the detail view window of a record, you will see a menu item of “Reports.” This is the Quick Reports Feature of Blue Mountain RAM and it enables you to quickly and easily generate a report specific to the record you are viewing.

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“Reports” menu reports will present data of the same type as the current record. In other words, asset-reports can appear on asset records, maintenance work-reports on maintenance work records, and so forth.

Configuring A Report To Appear in a Record’s “Reports” Menu

Placing a check in the “Show As Quick Report” check-box of a report record causes that report to automatically appear in the “Reports” menu of all records of the same data type as the report. Enabling this setting does not affect how the report record is utilized in other scenarios.

  1. Open Blue Mountain RAM’s Go To Menu and select Reports.
  2. Highlight the Report Category containing the “Select” report you wish to affect.
  3. Double-click the report record to open it. The following example is an “Equipment Select” report record from an “Assets” report category folder.

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  1. The Record Type and Category fields on the report record identify which record types will display this report in their Reports Menu. For example, in the preceding graphic you see:

                 Record Type:  Equipment

                 Category:        Assets

Therefore, this report will be displayed in the Reports Menu of equipment assets.

  1. This is what we want, so we place a check-mark in the Show As Quick Report check-box and click the report record’s Save button to retain our changes.

From this point forward, until someone clears the Show As Quick Report check-box, this report title will appear in the Reports menu of equipment assets.

NOTE: A record type’s Reports menu can contain up to 10 titles. If the record type is one that has multiple types – for example Assets (Equipment, Systems, etc.) – then an additional 10 “All” titles can be included for a total of up to 20 titles in those record types’ Reports menus.

For further information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM manuals. If necessary, contact us for downloads of PDFs of the manuals. Also, please enjoy calling and speaking with your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) at 800-982-2388.

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