How to Give a User Access to a Second Site

If you have a Multisite license of Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager (Blue Mountain RAM), you likely have – or will soon have – multiple sites in your system. Additionally, you may need to give a user of one site, access to another site. In this blog, I will review the steps for how to give a user access to a second site.

Before we dive into these steps, there are a few important things to note. First, a user’s “native site” is the site in which their Personnel Record is added. Users must always login through their native site. After logging in, they can use the File Menu’s User Options to switch to any site and dataset they have access to. Second, only Administrators with access to another site’s System Configuration settings can grant membership to its groups to give a user access to that site. Both access and rights are given via membership in the site’s groups. Third, the first group a non-native user must join is the SiteName (Site Access) group. A user’s name will not appear in the Add Member selection window for any other group of the site until they belong to this group.

Instructions for Giving a User Access to a Second Site:

NOTE: You will need to have administrative rights in the user’s desired second site.

1) Login to your native site.

2) If your native site differs from the user’s desired second site, use Blue Mountain RAM’s File > User Options to change to the second site.

3) In the user’s desired second site, open the Go To menu and select System Configuration.

4) Expand: Sites > SecondSite > Security, and highlight Groups.

5) Locate and open the group, SecondSite (Access Group). Click the Add Member Button and add the desired user to this group. One-by-one, open the groups in this site that are appropriate for the user and add the user. Continue until you are finished.

It is important to teach the user that they must always login to their native site before being able to access their non-native sites through File > User Options. Additionally, you should explain how user rights can differ in each site, as well as what their rights are in each site that they have been given access to.

Facts About Working with Users Who Have Access to Multiple Sites/Datasets:

– You can only see a user’s Personnel and User Login records when in their native site.

– Their User Login record displays all of their group memberships from all sites.

– Native site groups appear enabled and can be added/removed in this window.

– Non-native site groups appear disabled and can only be added/removed when you are in the site owning the group (“Scope Name” column) and viewing that Group record.

– If you are attempting to add a user to a non-native site group and you do not see their name, this indicates that the user is not a member of that site’s Site Access group. In order to proceed, you must add the user to this group.

Consult the Blue Mountain RAM User and Administrator Manuals if you have questions. If necessary, please contact our friendly Support Technicians at with questions. Also, please enjoy calling and speaking with your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) at 800-982-2388 if you are interested in Blue Mountain RAM ideas, training, or services.

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