How To List Work Plan Templates on an Event

Work plan templates provide organized, controlled sets of steps to complete a job or a portion of a job. The purpose and goal of using work plan templates is to control the quality, content, and flow of work. The Work Plan Templates feature is available for calibration, maintenance, validation, general, and test result work events.


One or more work plan templates may be assigned to an asset’s event. They can also be assigned to shared events to maximize their template value by being applied to every asset to which the shared event is attached.


To list a Work Plan Template on an Event:


1. Put the Event in Edit Mode




2. Open the Event’s View Menu and select Work Plan Templates





3. Click the Insert Button to open the Work Plan Templates Window



4. Double-click each Work Plan Template that you wish to add



5. When you are done, click Close, OK, and Save the change to the Event record



If you do not have any Work Plan Templates, please see your Blue Mountain RAM Administrator to discuss whether utilizing this feature would be of benefit.

For more information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM manuals. If necessary, contact us with questions or for downloads of the manual PDFs at 814-234-2417.

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