How To Read Activity Logs for Batch Work Generation, Batch Updates, and Email Delivery

Do you know…Blue Mountain RAM logs activity in Batch Work Generation, Batch Updates, and Email Delivery?

Once you have logged into Blue Mountain RAM, open the File Menu to see three very useful logs listed:

  • Batch Work Log
  • Batch Update Log
  • Email Delivery Log



Batch Work Log

The Batch Work Log documents actions of the Batch Work Generation feature, which is set up to automatically create work records for schedules coming due within a window of time that you specify. The top half of the log window displays rows of batch jobs that have run. Highlight a row to read its details in the tabs on the bottom half of the window.


NOTE: If you have more than one dataset, notice the SCOPE NAME column identifies which dataset owns each row. Training, General, Calibration, Maintenance, Test, and/or Validation work records can be automatically created by this feature reading and reacting to Due Dates on Schedules.

  • Summary Tab: Presents all of the highlighted row’s information, in an easier to read format, plus provides subtotal and grand total counts of all schedules processed. For example: A number of records will be listed as “Skipped”. This is normal and indicates that the work record for that schedule has already been generated by an earlier run of the batch work generation feature.
  • Records Tab: A list of all schedules processed during the running of the highlighted row, and each one’s individual result and reason. For example: On a schedule marked as “Skipped”, the Reason appears: “The work record was already created for the date interval” (another way of saying this might be: December work record was already created for December schedule. A duplicate will not be made).


NOTE: If there are no rows in your Batch Work Generation Log, or no rows for your dataset, the feature may need configuration or updated configuration. Please contact your Blue Mountain RAM Administrator or Blue Mountain Technical Support with questions.

Batch Update Log

The Batch Update Log documents all instances of users performing batch updates. There are four types of batch updates for changing multiple records simultaneously.

  • Field Replace: Editing values in one or more fields
  • Change Status: Changing status
  • Sign Records: Electronically signing
  • Change Rule: Changing the governing rule



NOTE: If there are no errors in a Batch Update Procedure, the Error Text Column will be empty; otherwise, error text will indicate the issue for any record not processed in the batch.

Email Delivery Log

The Email Delivery Log documents all emails sent from Blue Mountain RAM by users utilizing the Send shortcut as email functionality that is available in the right-click menu of one or more highlighted records in a query. This creates an email that will be sent by Blue Mountain RAM, and containing links to the highlighted records.


Here is the email that is documented in the Email Delivery Log item highlighted:


NOTE: For the Send shortcut as email functionality to work, Configuration of an Application URL is required in Blue Mountain RAM System Configuration, System Options. Please contact your Blue Mountain RAM Administrator or Blue Mountain Technical Support with questions.

For further information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM Users Manual. If necessary, please contact our friendly Support Technicians at for downloads of PDFs of the manuals. Also, please enjoy calling and speaking with your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) at 800-982-2388 if you are interested in Blue Mountain RAM training.

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