How To Query Planned and Unplanned Work

When querying to see the work done in your system, you may have unexpected results if you do not know about Blue Mountain RAM’s On Demand Work and what causes it to be included in or excluded from your work queries. Blue Mountain RAM calls unplanned, unscheduled work “On Demand.” This type of work differs from work that is planned and anticipated. Let’s pinpoint the difference:

  • Planned Work is associated with a specific event and schedule that document what the work will be, when it will occur, and its interval and frequency of performance (repetition).
  • Unplanned (On Demand) Work has no association with an event and schedule. It is the documentation of work that is done when an unexpected need arises. For example, when something repairable or replaceable breaks, there is a demand to fix it.

On Demand Work is listed under “On Demand” in a record’s Family Tree. On the work record itself, the “Event ID” field is populated with the “On Demand” identifier.

When you write queries of work records, you must decide if you want the query to include or exclude the On Demand work records.

Here are three tips for making a work query:

  1. Only include all Scheduled Work…
  2. Only include all On Demand Work…
  3. Or include all Scheduled and On Demand Work

Tip #1:  Only Include All Scheduled Work (Exclude On Demand Work)

To have a query exclude On Demand work, you can add a criterion or column that will eliminate On Demand Work:

  • Include the criterion, Event ID Not Equal To ‘On Demand’. Be sure to use the work field, “Event ID” (Field ID 6000003) because this field displays “On Demand” for all On Demand Work records.

  • Include at least one event or schedule field in the query. Because On Demand Work lacks any relationship to events and schedules, the addition of an event or schedule column will eliminate it since it cannot meet the requirement to provide event or schedule data.

Tip #2:  Only Include All On Demand Work  (Exclude Scheduled Work)

To have a query exclude Scheduled Work, you can add a criterion that eliminates everything except On Demand Work:

  • Include the criterion, Event ID Equal To ‘On Demand’.This is a criterion that no Scheduled Work Record can meet. Its “Event ID” always identifies its parent event.

Tip #3  Include All Scheduled and On Demand Work  

To have a query include both On Demand and Scheduled Work, you should avoid columns and criteria that would eliminate one or the other:

  • Do not include criteria that eliminates either On Demand or Schedules Work. (Reference Tips #1 & #2 to see these criteria.)
  • Do not include event or schedule columns, as these eliminate On Demand work records.

If you have questions, consult your Blue Mountain RAM User and Administrator Manuals. If necessary, please contact our friendly Support Technicians at with questions. Also, please enjoy calling and speaking with your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) at 800-982-2388 if you are interested in Blue Mountain RAM ideas, training, or services.

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