How To Use “Single User Search” To Simplify Adding RAM Users

Did you know that… Blue Mountain RAM’s Add User Login Wizard will now do a single user search of your Active Directory to more quickly and easily find people you want to add as Blue Mountain RAM users?

Anyone who logs in to use Blue Mountain RAM, needs two things: a RAM Personnel record and a RAM User Login record. The Personnel record is what possesses group memberships (rights) and Notification subscriptions (mail). It also acts as a person’s identifier, appearing in pick lists of names to be recorded on records. The User Login record’s sole purpose is to specify how a user will identify, or authenticate, themselves at login, to gain access to Blue Mountain RAM.

Blue Mountain RAM offers an authentication choice of Internal (user name and password is created internally within RAM, and is entered in RAM’s login window to prove one’s identity) or External (user name and password is obtained externally from Active Directory and when entered in Blue Mountain RAM’s login window, is relayed by RAM to Active Directory for authentication). The browsing process to bring a user in from Active Directory has just become faster and easier with the new single user search feature.

  1. Logon Blue Mountain RAM as an administrator who can add new users
  1. Open the Go To menu and select System Configuration
  1. Expand the tree: Sites > YourSite > Security, and highlight ‘User Logins’
  1. Click the New Button to open the Add User Login Wizard
  1. Select or add the Blue Mountain RAM personnel record for the person receiving a user login

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  1. After selecting or adding the personnel, click NEXT to advance to “I want to create a new User Login using”
  1. Select External Authentication. This enables two options for browsing Active Directory to locate the new user:

             a. Use Authentication Source – Opens a panel in which you browse the groups of your network, locate the security group of Blue Mountain RAM users, and subsequently, the Active   Directory Account of the new user.


                b. Single-user searchNew feature. Opens a panel in which you enter a search value to seek a match in Active Directory. The search value can be someone’s network user name or email address.


  1. After entering the search value, click NEXT.

NOTE: Single-user search was introduced in Blue Mountain RAM R3SR4 (Application Version Number 5.3.5690.000), To check the Application Version Number of Blue Mountain RAM, open its File menu and select User Options. In the User Options Window, select the System Information Tab. There you will see information including the Application Version Number.


  1. If the person you seek is found, highlight their row. If not, click PREVIOUS and try again or use Authentication Source and search a group to find the person.
  1. After locating the person and highlighting their row, click NEXT, and choose which action you wish as your finish action. If you are ready to assign rights to the new user, select Add user to groups and immediately assign group memberships. Group memberships give users their appropriate rights in Blue Mountain RAM.F5

For further information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM Administrator Manual. If necessary, please contact our friendly Support Technicians at with questions. Also, please enjoy calling and speaking with your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) at 800-982-2388 if you are interested in Blue Mountain RAM training.

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