How To Use the Quick Find Tool to Accept Multiple Criteria

Do you know…  Blue Mountain RAM’s Quick Find Tool Accepts Multiple Criteria?

Open a query in Blue Mountain RAM and see a very helpful button: Quick Find feb 2016 14 . The Quick Find Tool will apply single or multiple criteria to any query you wish to search.

feb 2016 1

The first time you click Quick Find feb 2016 14, a criteria statement bar appears:

feb 2016 2

Use Field Pick List feb 2016 3 to select a column you wish to search in the current query (you may wish to add more fields to a query to facilitate your searching needs).

Use Function Pick List feb 2016 4 to specify how you want a criterion evaluated.

Use Criterion Field feb 2016 5 to enter the criterion.

Field Values feb 2016 6 opens a window for Begins With searching in the selected column.

Find feb 2016 7 initiates a search for the criteria statement(s) as entered.

Add feb 2016 8 opens additional criteria statement rows (one for each click).

Remove feb 2016 9 appears when there are multiple criteria; it remove the adjacent statement.

Two Examples of Employing Multiple Criteria Statements:

  1. Pulling up a date range of scheduled work (using “All Asset Schedules” query)
    • Criterion #1 – Due Date Greater Than or Equal To 4/1/2015
    • Join Operator (And/Or) – AND
    • Criterion #2 – Due Date Less Than or Equal To 4/30/2015

feb 2016 10

Click Refresh feb 2016 11 on the Query Toolbar to clear the current search.

  1. Pulling up a list of one person’s open work (using “All Calibration Work” query)
    • Criterion #1 – Assigned Person Equal To George Carlson
    • Join Operator (And/Or) – AND
    • Criterion #2 – Status Equal To Open

feb 2016 12

For further information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM manuals. If necessary, contact us for downloads of PDFs of the manuals. Also, please enjoy calling and speaking with your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) at 800-982-2388 if you have questions or are interested in Blue Mountain RAM training.

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