Linking Documents in Blue Mountain RAM

Did you know… you can access external documents and files from within Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager (Blue Mountain RAM)?

  1.  Document Fields: A specialized type of field Blue Mountain RAM Administrators can configure on records. This field will offer a pick list of documents. The selection of documents offered within the pick list can be tied to a specific Document Category of Blue Mountain RAM’s Document System. Documents listed in Document Fields can be opened whether the host record is in edit or view mode.
  2. Links Windows: A menu item for Asset, Manufacturing, Work, Personnel, and Personnel Activity records. Opens a Links Window that can hold and display unlimited links to Blue Mountain RAM documents as well as other external documents/files. Documents and files listed in a Links Window can be opened whether the host record is in edit or view mode.
  3. Document Feature: Open Blue Mountain RAM’s Go To Menu and select Documents. Blue Mountain RAM Administrators create and categorize document records here. Highlight a Document Category in the left panel and view its content of Document Records in the right panel. Document records populate document field pick lists and are available to be listed in Links Windows. They can also be opened directly from within the Documents Feature.

For further information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM manuals. If necessary, contact us for downloads of PDFs of the manuals. Consider attending a Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager Training to learn about this subject as well as many, many more! Visit to learn more about training and schedules.

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