Maintenance Features in Blue Mountain RAM

Do you know about Blue Mountain RAM’s Maintenance Features?

  1. Automatic Work Order Number Generation- Specify a sequence to follow and unique numbers are assigned. Skips and repeats cannot occur. Different or same sequences can be assigned to each type of work (calibration, general, maintenance, testing, training, and validation).

  2. Batch Work Order Generation- Specify a schedule and duration, and work order records are generated automatically on your cycle, according to your instruction. Work order records are generated by type of work (calibration, general, maintenance, testing, training, and validation).

  3. Spare Parts Tracking- Maintains on hand counts of Inventory Spare Parts. Parts use draws down on hand count to reach reorder point and send reorder notifications.

  4. Like-for-Like Part Designation and Qualification- Documents allowable parts substitutions and offers any approved like-for-like substitutions to users seeking a replacement for an unavailable part.

  5. Meter-Based Work Schedules- Announces work is due based on meter readings as an alternative to announcing based on dates.

  6. Ability to Associate Components within a System Hierarchy- Maps a system and its components in a tree hierarchy display.

  7. Finding and Documenting Information Related to Systems- Provides easy access to all system components through the hierarchy tree. Also provides a list of all work related to the system and its components.

  8. Location Centric Views of Assets, Requests, and Work- Presents data according to its listed location. Click a single building or production room to see a list of all assets housed at that location. Change the location filter from “asset” to “work, maintenance” to see the maintenance resources that have been utilized there. Change the filter to “request” to see the demand for unscheduled activities there. Check the “Rollup Sub-locations” button to include all sub-locations of the selected location in the results.

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