Save Time with "Add Similar" Functionality in Blue Mountain RAM

Did you know about… Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager’s timesaving Add Similar functionality?

“Add Similar” commands enable you to quickly copy an object, edit it and save it with a new name. This saves enormous time compared to creating every object manually.

Objects you can apply Add Similar commands to, in Blue Mountain RAM:

  • Assets
  • Inventory Parts and Like-For-Like Parts
  • Manufacturing Processes and Lots
  • Measurement Data Templates
  • Personnel
  • Purchase Orders
  • UDARTS (User Defined Asset Record Type)
  • Work Plan Templates

System Configuration Settings that impact Add Similar behavior:

Form Setup – If you open a field’s Field Properties Window, an Add Similar Checkbox enables you to include or exclude that field’s data when an Add Similar Command is applied.

  • Site Scope Record Types: Sites > YourSite > Form Setup
  • Dataset Group Scope Record Types: Sites > YourSite > Dataset Groups > YourDatasetGroup > Form Setup

Objects you can apply Add Similar commands to, in System Configuration:

  • Sites (For Multisite licenses)
  • Dataset Groups
  • Datasets
  • Groups
  • Rules

For detailed information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM manuals. If necessary, contact us for downloads of the
manual PDFs.

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