Spare Parts Records in Blue Mountain RAM

Did you know that… Blue Mountain RAM’s Spare Parts Records can be cross referenced as allowable substitutions?

Blue Mountain RAM offers two record types under the heading of “Inventory”:

  • Parts- These records identify spare parts, their quantities, storage locations, and uses.
  • Like-For-Like Parts- These records document allowable substitutions between your spare parts, and for which uses. Defined substitutions are not automatically considered two-way, as reversed substitutions are not always allowable.

Besides creating Parts records to provide yourself and others with information about your spare parts, consider creating For-Like Part records to provide ready solutions to situations that could cost you time and money.

“What do I do now?” wonders Bob, as the Spare Parts Manager tells him the part he needs is out-of-stock. When you document allowable substitutions on Like-For-Like Parts records, Bob can go to Blue Mountain RAM, open the Part record’s VIEW menu, select “View Like-For-Like”, and instantly see:

  • All authorized replacement parts (substitutions)
    for the part
  • All parts for which this part is an authorized
    replacement (substitution)

It is simple to create a Like-For-Like Part record.

  1. In Queries, expand Inventory, Like-for-Like Part Queries, and highlight a query title (you may need to enable the record type or build a query first).
  2. Click NEW and list the record ID of a Source Part (the spare part that can be replaced) and of a Replacement Part (the spare part that can replace it).
  3. Go to the Uses tab. The Source Part’s uses are listed (this data comes from the Source Part’s Parts record).
  4. Remove any Uses that are not allowable for the replacement part.Enter other data as you wish, and save the new Like-For-Like Part record.

For more information, consult your Blue Mountain RAM manuals. If necessary, contact us for downloads of the manual PDFs. Consider attending a Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager Training to learn about this subject as well as many, many more! Visit to learn more about training and schedules.

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