Active Directory Sync for Blue Mountain RAM

Natively, Blue Mountain RAM can connect to a company’s Active Directory though manual creation of Personnel and User Login records by the System Administrator. According to a recent poll from our monthly Blue Mountain Customer Lab, 92% of customers spend up to 5 hours a month maintaining Personnel and User Login records in Blue Mountain RAM. Additionally, 4% spend 6-10 hours a month and 4% spend 21 or more hours a month. Having to dedicate a large amount of time to manual Personnel and User Login record management can result in many inefficiencies. With Active Directory Sync, you can automate the process of adding, updating and inactivating Personnel and User Login records from Active Directory into Blue Mountain RAM on a routine basis to improve your productivity and enhance compliance.

Without Active Directory Sync, a lot of manual effort is needed to establish and maintain Personnel and Login records. First, Personnel records must be created for each user in Blue Mountain RAM.

Second, a User Login must be created for each user in Blue Mountain RAM.

Third, User Logins must be linked to Active Directory to enable users to sign-in with their network credentials. Fourth, rights and memberships must be established for each user in Blue Mountain RAM.

With Active Directory Sync, you can eliminate manual Personnel and User Login record management to increase productivity and compliance.

Active Directory Sync

Active Directory Sync is a system add-on that seamlessly integrates Blue Mountain RAM with your company’s Microsoft Active Directory to automate routine updates to Personnel and Login records in Blue Mountain RAM.

Active Directory Sync:

  • creates new Personnel records in Blue Mountain RAM when users are added to specific Active Directory groups
  • establishes and creates new User Logins records
  • optionally assigns users to security groups
  • updates information on Personnel records from your company’s Active Directory into Blue Mountain RAM
  • deactivates Personnel records as users are removed from Active Directory
  • simplifies user access management by leveraging groups and organizational units defined in your Active Directory to establish Blue Mountain RAM access levels

Active Directory Sync can be of the most benefit to organizations who have to onboard hundreds of Personnel records. Some scenarios include companies that:

  • have large implementations
  • have multisite implementations
  • undergo mergers and acquisitions
  • employ temporary personnel
  • require hundreds of Request Only users

Configuration of Active Directory Sync

Before configuring Active Directory Sync, Blue Mountain gathers the following information from customers:

  • Active Directory structure (Is it a single domain or multiple domains?)
  • Organizational Units structure
  • Requirements regarding what you want to bring out of Active Directory and into Blue Mountain RAM

The Site-level Configuration figure above represents a company with an Active Directory structure of multiple domains. We understand only a small sub-segment of users within an Active Directory may also be users in Blue Mountain RAM, which is why the above information is collected prior to the integration. We can configure Active Directory Sync to only pull users of certain organizational groups over to Blue Mountain RAM. For example, here you see two subsets of users within the New York domain being pulled into Blue Mountain RAM (Production and Technicians). Active Directory Sync can also be configured to assign users being pulled from one organizational unit in your Active Directory into a different group in Blue Mountain RAM. For example, Production users from the New York domain are being entered into Blue Mountain RAM as Request Only Users. Additionally, this assignment does not have to be a one-to-one match from Active Directory into Blue Mountain RAM. It can be a one-to-many.

Gaining Immediate Returns 

With Active Directory Sync, you can:

  • Increase Productivity – eliminating manual Personnel record entry into Blue Mountain RAM
  • Improve Efficiency – saving time by eliminating data entry into two systems
  • Enhance Compliance – automatically syncing ongoing personnel changes to Blue Mountain RAM

To get started or learn more about the Active Directory Sync, contact your Regional Sales Manager at 800-982-2388.

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