Value and Benefits of End-user Training

Every company faces financial challenges. As a result of limited budgets, training is typically under-resourced and under-valued. Restricting the educational resources needed to properly manage equipment can greatly harm an organization. The same applies to software. Without proper training, a company reduces their employees’ efficiency and, in turn, the organization’s return on investment.

Gartner Research’s “The Justification of IT Training” study acknowledges the importance and impact of training within a corporation. Gartner Research found that companies which spend less than 13% of enterprise software project costs on continual end-user training are 3x more likely to fall short of their project and business goals than companies which spend more than 17%. They also uncovered that every hour of effective training is actually worth five hours to the corporation. With end-user training, a user can essentially reach a required skill level within a quarter of the time; resulting in a qualified user who requires less support and reduces errors.

Here are a few benefits your company can gain from additional end-user training:

  1. Efficient work and reduced errors. A deeper understanding of the software minimizes mistakes and ensures efficiency in completed work.
  2. Invested and empowered employees. Group training sessions encourage participation. When trained in groups, employees are more invested and empowered to learn the fundamental skills.
  3. Greater sense of value. Training gives the user a greater sense of value in the company, which boosts employee morale. The trained employee becomes a respected source of information on the software and is able to help others when needed.
  4. Increased productivity. Training sessions elicit conversations that serve as forums for troubleshooting. During these sessions, employees are provided with the opportunity to speak with other professionals in the industry and share ideas on how to use the program more efficiently and solve common problems; increasing productivity.
  5. Immediate ROI. Training helps offset work performance gaps by giving employees knowledge they can apply to their software instantaneously. Less valuable time is spent reviewing a manual to figure out how to use the software.
  6. Added value to the organization as a whole. End-user training sessions do not only benefit each individual employee, but are valuable to the entire organization moving forward.
  7. Flexibility to meet your needs. Blue Mountain Quality Resources makes training simple! Your company has the ability to decide how long your training sessions will be, when they will occur, and how they will take place. Our end-user training is flexible to fit your company’s specific needs.

The Gartner study is indicative to the value of ongoing training for EAM, CMMS and CCMS software in the Life Sciences industry. Investing in effective end-user training is vital to a corporation’s initial EAM implementation process and the long-term project’s business benefits.


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