Blue Mountain Applauds the Cancer Moonshot

President Obama announced at the last State of the Union Address that Vice President, Joe Biden, will officially be leading the “moonshot” against cancer. Biden accepted this task, as a tribute to his son, Beau, who died of brain cancer this past May. On the day of his grieving, Biden “called for a national commitment to end cancer as we know it.” While already in his last term in office, Biden remains loyal to working to complete this goal even after this term in office expires. Biden has already begun to make headway with helping to push funding for the National Institutes of Health through Congress.

At Blue Mountain Quality Resources, we strongly applaud this moonshot. We greatly support the efforts of more than 15 of our customers who bring cancer fighting drugs and research to market! Their focuses span a broad range of cancer research. They include CAR T therapies, oncology drugs, Leukemia drugs, cancer diagnostics, surgical devices for cancer treatment, and research tools, materials and instrumentation.

The idea of a government push to find a cure for cancer reaches back almost a half century. Many companies have been tirelessly searching for a cure for years. Even President Nixon had his own “War on Cancer.”  Although many researchers working with Biden are not fond of the moonshot analogy, the efforts for collaborative approaches are highly welcomed. With a very different understanding of cancer today, we are no longer searching for one set cure, but a cure for a “diverse set of diseases.” Biden says “he recognizes that defeating cancer is a long-term undertaking.” Taking this seriously, he has already begun to get the process moving with several high-level meetings.

Cancer awareness is at an all-time high, with the disease remaining a leading killer of Americans. Yet, specialists are very optimistic. They claim that we “have entered a new era with the ability to rapidly determine the sequences of genes in tumor cells, searching for mutations that may be driving the cancer’s growth.”  This has led to the development of new targeted drugs and immune therapies that specifically attack mutations to prolong life for patients.

Whether a company in the cancer curing field is a start-up or an established provider, Blue Mountain is proud to have played a role in making these treatments safe and effective. Our goal is to provide our customers with the necessary cost effective tools needed to change lives worldwide. We strive to provide value in what we do, just as these companies work so hard to do for health worldwide the good of society.


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