Going Mobile Drives Paperless: Benefits

In the previous 4 blogs, we’ve discussed the background of going mobile, mobile work execution and the pros and cons of the Apple iPad compared to the Microsoft Surface. You can read all of the Going Mobile Drives Paperless blogs here.

In this blog, we want to highlight 3 significant benefits that are a result of going mobile. Not only do all three of these benefits increase the return on investment for your maintenance and calibration departments, but going mobile also enables benefits in other areas of your business. We will cover these gains below.

Improves Technician Productivity and Performance

The use of mobile devices drastically improves technician productivity and job performance. As we discussed in a previous blog, the use of mobile devices has altered work execution and allowed technicians to focus and spend more time on completing work orders rather than entering data into a computer system. Mobile devices let technicians remotely access upcoming work orders, equipment records, work plans, measurement data templates and other valuable information out on the floor in between jobs. Mobile devices are a valuable tool to assist technicians in completing their work – no longer do technicians need to enter data from paper records into the computer at the end of the day.

Go Paperless by Enabling Data Collection in the Field

Just like the title of this series suggests: going mobile drives paperless. Workflow automation has always played a key role in going paperless (workflow automation is one of two key components in going paperless).  Without the use of mobile devices, a company cannot perform data collection in the field (which is the second vital component of going paperless). Now, with the use of tablets and other devices, technicians can capture required data when completing maintenance work orders or calibrations. Data capture can be done immediately on a mobile device which will increase efficiency of a company’s technician.

Mobile Analysis – Management to review numbers and statistics on the fly

As soon as data is collected in the field, it is available for analysis. In the blog series, we have mostly discussed mobile devices and benefits in terms of technicians. However, management gains significant benefits as well. They are not only able to capture additional information that they may not have been before such as measurement data points and work plan steps, but now they can reference statistics and reports on their own mobile device.

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