Going Mobile Drives Paperless: Dendreon Success Story

As part of our Going Mobile Drives Paperless blog series, we teamed with Dendreon Corporation to co-present a webinar to share their success of going mobile and driving paperless in their facility with Blue Mountain RAM. This blog is a summary of the Dendreon success story on going mobile. If you are interested in watching the recorded version of the webinar, check it out on our website.

We invited Dennis Wood, Senior Facilities Maintenance Technician and Planner/Scheduler at Dendreon, to explain how Dendreon used iPads with Blue Mountain RAM in order to drive paperless. Dennis also explained the benefits of going mobile and showed some real world examples.

Background of Dendreon Corporation

Dendreon Corporation, based in Seattle, Washington, is a leading-edge biotechnology company focused on developing, commercializing and manufacturing cancer treating therapeutics. As a long standing Blue Mountain customer, Dendreon has used our previous product Calibration Manager and then moved to integrate their equipment maintenance and calibration with our newest product Blue Mountain RAM.

With two separate implementations of Blue Mountain RAM, Dendreon is able to manage equipment for both GMP and non-GMP environments. Each implementation is used to harmonize maintenance and calibration management as well as inventory and procurement management within the facility.

In the facility, Dendreon maintains a host of equipment including water for injection systems, pure water systems, reverse osmosis systems, clean steam generators, high pressure boilers, HVAC systems, and compressed air vacuum systems. In addition, their Calibration Department uses equipment such as balances, centrifuges, freezers, incubators and autoclaves.

Depending on a paper-based environment for work execution, technicians print work plans, jobs and job steps to carry into workspaces. Once the work is performed, technicians document the work on paper and return to desktops to copy data into Blue Mountain RAM. The paper-based environment was used primarily to avoid damaging laptops and due to a lack of wireless network access in the facility.

Go Mobile to Create Paperless Environment

The goal was to go paperless by incorporating the Apple iPad into the daily operations of their technicians so that they are able to record maintenance and calibration work in the field – cutting out unnecessary steps of copying data from a paper record.

Dendreon wanted tablets because they are easy to take on job site, instantly on when needed, and able to submit embedded images in work requests and work orders. Tablets also give access to online documentation, such as operating manuals, right on the factory floor.

Dendreon successfully went mobile after completing 3 steps:

  1. Integrating wireless network access throughout the facility including all workspaces, basements, areas of facility roof, mechanical spaces and labs to meet 100% WiFi coverage in the facility.
  2. Acquiring Apple iPads for Technicians – The sales force at Dendreon was already using Apple iPad, and the facilities were able to follow suit now with adequate wireless and corporate acceptance.
  3. Upgrading to the newest version of Blue Mountain RAM, R3 SR3, which provides mobile device support for tablets such as the Apple iPad and Windows 8 Tablets.

Success – Benefits of Going Mobile with Blue Mountain RAM

Dendreon has successfully implemented mobile devices using Blue Mountain RAM. The use of Apple iPads created a completely paperless environment for Dendreon. This cut both the time spent completing maintenance and calibration work as well as increases in efficiency of planning and scheduling.

In addition, going mobile allowed Dendreon to:

  • Improve speed of work execution process
  • Improve accuracy of technician data entry
  • Improve instrument availability via faster calibration and maintenance turnaround times
  • Better processes and procedures have enhanced compliance
  • Quick access to business information has improved critical decision making

Click here to view a recorded version of our “Going Mobile Drives Paperless” webinar.

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