The FDA Wants You!

In a recent blog post, Jill Weshler of PharmTechTalk discusses the FDA and some of its recruiting challenges for top positions at the agency.  The FDA’s plan to form a new Office of Quality out of the existing Office of Pharmaceutical Science and Office of Pharmaceutical Compliance comes at a time where significant impact can be made by new leadership.

In the post, Weshler references Richard Moscicki, Deputy Director for Science Operations at CDER, who says many experienced FDA staffers are ending their careers or taking on new challenges, which is creating a need for renewal and replenishment of the agency.  Moscicki, who is leading the executive recruiting campaign, is an industry practitioner and looking to the industry to fill these top positions.

In my recent post on LinkedIn’s FDA Inspections group, I asked whether the ex FDA’ers in that community would go back to work for the FDA. Most of who responded said they would consider it and that they had good careers there.   If you are a member of that group, the comments are interesting and worth reading.

The FDA has a serious role in the industry and the folks who work there deserve positive recognition for serving our industry and our country.

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