Bringing Smiles To Children In Hospitals Across the U.S.

The Jared Box Project is centered upon uplifting the spirits of children in hospitals. Starting out in State College, the project was recently able to celebrate their achievement of now donating in all 50 states. Their core purpose is in honor of a brave little boy who battled cancer. This organization hits us close to home.

The Jared Box Project delivers boxes filled with small gifts such as toys, games, and fun activities to hospitals. Deliveries include to emergency rooms, patient rooms, surgical centers, and clinics for children who receive chemotherapy and other medical treatments. These boxes are filled with well wishes, hope, and love; bringing both smiles and laughter during the toughest of times.


We know how much of a difference this charity makes in bettering the lives of children facing life threatening diagnoses. Over the course of a few months, Blue Mountain volunteers shopped for gifts, filled packages, and delivered the Jared Boxes to children at the J.C. Blair Hospital of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. We were able to produce 20 Jared Boxes in total for both male and female children of a variety of age groups.

Thank you for the generous donation. It means so much to our patients and to us.” – J.C. Blair Hospital of Huntingdon, PA

J.C. Blair is very thankful for all of the efforts of those who volunteer with The Jared Box Project. Blue Mountain is also just as grateful for the efforts of fellow volunteers and the founders of this amazing organization.

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