Going Native

Blue Mountain team members are passionate about their work; however, they also enjoy getting away from the monitors and keyboards to take on alter egos.

Our alter egos become part of the community around us.  We dig in the dirt, paint historic mansions, assist in art festivals, cheer on athletes and become experts in toy wrapping.

Our Community Caring projects are part of Blue Mountain’s effort to be a great community citizen.  During a weekday afternoon, volunteers get to go native while providing valuable service to well-deserving organizations.  It’s rewarding to work with many different organizations throughout the year, some major, national non-profits and other small, local agencies.

On Arbor Day, one of our teams worked with Growing Native, a program initiated by our local ClearWater Conservancy.   We got our hands dirty to prepare 800 Aspen tree sprouts.  These native species will be planted to promote conservation and restoration of riparian resources in our area.  Central PA is famous for our spring fed creeks and fantastic fly fishing.

We love helping the organizations and we love what we get out of the projects:

  • A clear sense of community
  • The pride of giving back
  • An opportunity to strengthen friendships with co-workers
  • A better, stronger, more connected team

Going native = improving our team and our community.

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