If You Fix It, They Will Come

Wheel barrels, rakes and shovels were the tools of choice at our latest Community Caring project.

Recently, a group of volunteers from Blue Mountain worked on repairing the warning track, near the outfield fence, at Gill Field…a local little league field. A skid steer and rototiller along with the wheel barrels, shovels, rakes and some elbow grease were used to removed weeds and vegetation on the track before 20 tons of limestone aggregate was brought in to recreate the six foot warning track that spanned the 300 foot outfield fence at the field. 

“Working for a company that regularly provides its employees a way to give back to the community is something I value” said Randy Paroda, Director of Product Development at Blue Mountain Quality Resources. This was the third project that volunteers from Blue Mountain helped with at the little league fields. In total, 13 volunteers donated a total of nearly 50 hours of work to complete the projects.

Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts on our next Community Caring projects…Central PA Festival of the Arts and Pets Come First!

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