NCSL International – Twin Cities Winter Meeting

On Feb 2, 2012, I’m presenting at the NCSL International -Twin Cities, in Minnesota Winter Meeting. The meeting is being held at Boston Scientific – Maple Grove and I’ll be presenting on Calibration and its Impact on GMP Compliance. If you’re in the Twin Cities I encourage you to participate.

If you are not familiar with NSCL International, I suggest you take a look at joining. It’s a great organization dedicated to metrology and its Healthcare Metrology Committee is one of the most active. The committee’s charter is very much in line with our careers in GMP calibration and Maintenance and is stated as:

Promote and advance the practice of Metrology in the manufacture and use of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and instrumentation. Establish liaisons with practitioners, manufacturers, and regulatory agencies, as well as professional and industrial associations within the Healthcare community, to communicate the expertise and knowledge of Metrology advocated by NCSL International.

Through my years of involvement I have received tremendous benefits both professionally and personally and have many long time friendships as a result. If you are involved in calibration in any industry but especially in Pharma/Biotech/Medical Device, I encourage you to take a closer look at NCSL International.

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