Of Mice and Men

In late April, a team of Blue Mountain employees volunteered with ClearWater Conservancy.

We spent a beautiful spring afternoon trekking through 10 acres of brush to check on 2,500 young trees.  We ensured that their supports are strong and the protective tubes are safe for the birds that try to nest in them.  We even got to free a few trees from their protection so that they may continue to flourish!

Getting out in nature reminds us of what a great quality of life we have in our Central Pennsylvania region.  Our area is filled with beautiful, natural areas where biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, skiing and just about any outdoor activity is enjoyed.

The quality of life of our customers’ patients is something that is a source of reward for us as well.  We are proud of our customers and their advances in medicines, treatments and devices.  Collectively our customers touch the lives of millions of people.   We are honored to be a part of that.

Oh…and about the mice?    There were a couple of close encounters with mice. They apparently like to make nests in the tubes protecting the young trees.   There may or may not have been some squeals from the men.

Another team of volunteers has helped out the State College Food Bank in May.  They assisted in sorting and organizing some of the 30,000 lbs. of food collected in our area through the US Postal Service’s Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive!  


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