Restoring Local Coldwater Fisheries and Watersheds with the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited

20160429_091207Here in State College, PA, Spring fills our environment-loving community with high spirits. Locals take to the
outdoors for fishing, kayaking, and all other types of recreational activities.  However, back in the early 1970s, Centre County experienced some stream damage. The famous wild trout steam, Spring Creek, was immensely overfished and polluted. The stream was at an all-time low and the renowned green drake mayfly was wiped out as result. The Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited (SCCTU) was established in 1973 with the mission to conserve, protect, and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and watershed.

20160429_100704Today, SCCTU continuously works to accomplish this through their various community outreach programs, watershed watches, conservation projects, and educational programs. They want to ensure the local community is aware of the importance of its efforts on the environment and fisheries.


Their dedication to the local environment and community means a lot to us. Here at Blue Mountain, we strive to achieve the same outreach in our community. SCCTU gave us a great opportunity to help them in achieving their mission. Our employees teamed up with the SCCTU to help plant hundreds of seedlings that represented many native species of trees and shrubs. This was a perfect fit for the first of our Spring Community Caring events.


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