Summit a Huge Success

We just wrapped up The Blue Mountain Summit 2012 – our first user conference. By all measures, it was a big winner. Between the presentations and participants sharing ideas, it’s quite clear that a vibrant community has grown up around Blue Mountain RAM.

It’s especially encouraging to see so many attendees. Even in this era of restricted travel budgets, we had several companies send multiple participants. Attendees represented both small and large firms from the Biotech, Pharma and Medical Device arenas. It was also encouraging to have companies at every stage of implementation – from pre-purchase to mid-implementation to long-term customer.

One of the highlights was the keynote address by Martin Browning. He certainly hammered home the changes going on at the FDA, the growing challenges they face and their strategy for moving forward. We also had outstanding presentations from Roche, Boston Scientific, Dendreon and GMP Technical Solutions. Each described successful projects and included an insightful list of lessons learned.  I’d like to extend my personal gratitude to the speakers and their companies for supporting the Blue Mountain RAM community.

On a different level, there was an amazing level of interaction and idea sharing among the attendees. Lots of business cards were exchanged and I’m sure LinkedIn will be buzzing with new activity. I even heard people talking about career opportunities at their companies.

From my perspective one of the most beneficial sessions was our presentation on the Blue Mountain RAM product roadmap. Not only did we share our vision for the future, we were able to hear directly from our customers about their specific needs and where they’d like the product to go. This is just the first step in opening up both our plans for Blue Mountain RAM and our communication with the greater Blue Mountain community. The goal is to refine our collective ideas and turn them into state of the art functionality.

Thanks to everyone who planned, presented, and attended the conference. We could not be happier with the result and are already planning for October 2013, so please mark your calendar and add a line item to your budget.

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