Blue Mountain Quality Resources Announces “Powered by SAP NetWeaver” Status for its Calibration Management Solution

Blue Mountain Quality Resources, Inc. announced today that its Calibration Manager® solution version 4 has achieved “Powered by SAP NetWeaver®” status. The certification will streamline integrations of the life science’s industry standard calibration management system with the SAP NetWeaver platform for seamless information sharing across departments, elimination of redundant data entry and to facilitate collaboration.

The SAP Integration and Certification Center has certified that Calibration Manager 4 properly integrates with the SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (SAP NetWeaver XI) component of SAP NetWeaver to exchange critical data with instances of the SAP Business Suite family of applications. Blue Mountain has also demonstrated that Calibration Manager integrates successfully with the SAP NetWeaver Portal Release 6.0.

“The life science industries have rigorous calibration management requirements motivated by compliance, quality and productivity pressures” explains Jim Erickson, President of Blue Mountain Quality Resources. “The certified integration means that customers using Calibration Manager with SAP NetWeaver now have an integrated solution throughout the organization without compromising calibration.”

Integration of Calibration Manager with the SAP NetWeaver platform provides Blue Mountain’s best-in-class calibration features (measurement data collection, reverse traceability, instrument-centric management, etc.) with the maintenance and enterprise management capabilities of SAP solutions. This integration reduces redundancies, improves productivity and provides better information for decision making throughout the organization.

The integration of Calibration Manager with SAP NetWeaver follows a proven methodology developed to meet the rigorous quality requirements of regulated life science companies. Taking advantage of the SAP NetWeaver platform, which unifies integration technologies into a single platform to reduce the costs and need for custom integration, information from and to the Calibration Manager database in handled through a tested API (Application Programming Interface). The distributed n-tier architecture of Calibration Manager means that this regular sharing of information does not impact the users of the system.

For life science companies that will require the integration to be validated before it can be put into use, the completed integration will include appropriate IQ and OQ validation scripts specific to their particular solution. Assistance running these scripts, in addition to PQ script generation and execution are also available.