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  • What Is Blue Mountain RAM’s Embedded Documents Module?

    Did you know that files can be uploaded and downloaded on Blue Mountain RAM records? This is possible with the Embedded Documents Module (EDM), an optional feature of Blue Mountain RAM, versions 5.3.4748.0 (R3 SR2) and newer. Uploaded files of documents and images are stored in an exclusive, separate database that belongs to the Embedded […]

  • Why the Calculation Source Field Is So Important To Scheduling

    Did you know… that the choice made in the schedule’s ‘Calculation Source Field’ controls what the new Due Date will be for the schedule? While it is true that every schedule displays a ‘Next Due Date’, this date is not always exact. The ‘Next Due Date’ is an estimate determined from the addition of the schedule’s specified […]

  • How To Configure Your System To Display Administrative Reports

    Did you know that… Blue Mountain RAM offers administrative reports for Rules & Session Manager? These are special administrative reports that are accessible by administrative users. Administrators that can access Rules, can run rule reports. Administrators that can access Session Manager, can run session manager reports. Rule Builder Window The Rule Builder Window offers two […]

  • Measurement Data Templates Have Global Settings

    Did you know that adding the first Set Point to a Measurement Data Template (MDT) disables all of the template’s Global Settings? An MDT has 2 areas of configuration: Global (first tab and its sub-tabs, “Measurement Data Templates”) Set Points (second tab and its sub-tabs, “Measurement Data Template Details”) All Global Settings must be completed before […]

  • How To Fix Duplicate Personnel Record Issues

    Did you ever… look in a pick list of Asset Owners, Technicians, Supervisors, etc. and see the same person listed twice? How about when you are trying to add someone to a Group? Or select a Notification recipient? The good news is that you are not seeing double! The bad news is that there are […]

  • How To See The Perfect Standards For Any Calibration

    Did you know that… Blue Mountain RAM will automatically provide users with a list of Standards appropriate for the asset being calibrated? How does this work? To start, simply create Standard Classes with the labels you choose. Next, list your classes on your Standards and list which of those classes are appropriate on each asset […]

  • RP-6: Calibration Quality Systems for the Healthcare Industry

    As many of you know, I’ve long been involved with NCSL International (NCSLI) in a number of capacities; one of which has been the upkeep of one of the organization’s guidance documents, Recommended Practice – 6 (RP-6). My first activity with the document was on the third edition in 2008. Most recently, I have played […]

  • GMP Asset Management in a New Facility: Booming Biotech Industry

    Booming Biotech Industry The overall market and drug development activity in the Biotech industry is explosive. There are several figures that point to this level of activity. Since the 2000s, there have been two major periods of record numbers of Biotech IPOs – (2004-2007) and (2013-present) – as seen in the Bloomberg graph. Over the […]

  • Top 5 Reasons to Attend SMRP’s Annual Conference

    Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professional’s (SMRP) Annual Conference takes place this year in Indianapolis, Indiana from October 14-16, 2013 with a focus on productivity, best practice solutions, and emerging trends in 5 great pharmaceutical and biotech presentations. The Pharmaceutical and Biotech Special Interest Group (SIG) gains additional attention this year in the conference with […]

  • “Green” Shoots of Spring!

      It was a beautiful spring day on Tuesday of last week to travel to Philadelphia.  I had the opportunity of visiting one of our customers, Morphotek who recently was the recipient of the prestigious industry award for Facility of the Year.  Their new R&D lab and pilot plant facility won the award for their […]