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  • Going Mobile Drives Paperless: Dendreon Success Story

    As part of our Going Mobile Drives Paperless blog series, we teamed with Dendreon Corporation to co-present a webinar to share their success of going mobile and driving paperless in their facility with Blue Mountain RAM. This blog is a summary of the Dendreon success story on going mobile. If you are interested in watching […]

  • Going Mobile Drives Paperless: Microsoft® Surface

    Going Mobile Drives Paperless: Microsoft® Surface

    In the latest blog, we analyzed the growing use of the Apple® iPad including the benefits and drawbacks of using it for maintenance and calibration work. In this blog, we want to highlight the Microsoft® Surface in comparison to the Apple iPad.  These two tablets are the primary choices among Life Sciences in their manufacturing […]

  • Combining Calibration and Maintenance Functionality in Blue Mountain RAM

    Need a solution that increases efficiency while providing a solid return on investment? Watch and learn about how combining calibration and maintenance functions in Blue Mountain RAM can help you save money on the bottom line. To learn more about our products and services, call your Regional Sales Manager at 800-982-2388.

  • Contract Laboratory Qualification

    I’m happy to have the chance to update the site with another editorial, and amazingly, it still takes little time to think of another topic to pencil in for posting. There are so many to choose from. Finding the time to write them can be another story, but here I am. I’m on yet another […]

  • Pipettes in a Regulated Environment

    For me, all of this started not with pipettes, but with automatic burettes. We were in fact not allowed to use pipettes in that laboratory, in favor of class ‘A’ volumetric glassware. The sample preparation deliveries supported HPLC test methods, and I can’t say I blamed the scientific director for disallowing their use, due to […]

  • Bound by Overly Stringent Process Tolerences in Calibration Management

    Welcome, Metrologists, QA Personnel, Regulated Personnel and otherwise, Where to start? This being the first of a series of editorials on life in the field of calibration in regulated environments; I ponder the genre of materials that I could contribute, should contribute, in addition to things I would like to blog, but probably shouldn’t… What […]

  • Working with Standards In Blue Mountain RAM

    Did you know…you can control whether a Standard with issues can be assigned to a calibration? In Blue Mountain RAM, each Standard is constantly tracked. The Due Date of the Standard’s monitoring calibration event is always compared to the current date to make sure the Standard is not overdue. The Pass/Fail status of the most […]

  • Finding Archived Records in Blue Mountain RAM

    Do you know how to find … Blue Mountain RAM’s Archived records? Almost every record type in Blue Mountain RAM can be archived. The two exceptions are: Meter records and Schedule records. Sometimes a circumstance can prevent an archiveable record from being archived. Two circumstances are: the record relates to a Standard, or the record […]